Who run the world?

I couldn’t sleep last night, the thought of waking up to a world where it could all be different, again, just felt too much. I decided to set my alarm for 4am UK time to catch the results. Hilary was in the lead, only just, but she was; 30 minutes later Trump overtook and I tried to sleep with the hope of a miracle. I woke up today on the 9th November 2016, like many others, realising that the next president of the United States would be Donald Trump.  I wanted to cry, punch some things, get high, sleep some more, anything to make it go away. I thought of my American friends and I knew they would be feeling this even harder than me, it is their country after all. My Facebook timeline was, and still is, covered in shocked statuses from around the world. Then the memes come, ’cause humour is better than pain right? But it hit me that a lot of the memes and the thoughts and feelings were of sympathy to America, or a bit of a joke at their stupidity, but not really getting that this effects us all.

America is not our stupid cousin, its one of the most powerful countries in the world. Donald Trump is not just a joke, he is now president.  The world cannot ignore the outcome of today and its on the shoulders of all of us to react to this.

Donald Trump’s victory is a massive kick in the face to diversity and equality. He is a man that encapsulates rich, white, male privilege. I’m not going to list all the reasons why and the actions of Trump because it is past this now. Its about more than Trump. PEOPLE voted him in, it was the public’s choice and that means that the message of hate and fear is more powerful than one of love. There is something very wrong when the world keeps turning to hate and 2016 has been plagued with it.

I feel sad and defeated today but I’m finding refuge in some of the words from people online, Jesse Williams said ‘Be tired. Be mad. Be honest & concerned. But be not afraid. Rest up. Be safe. Come together. Construct. Know your surroundings. Be creative.’

This is a turning point and a time for us to come together, all of us, American or not, need to fight for those who may have their rights taken away, who are going to feel the fallout of the presidency harder than we can imagine. We should live in a world where everyone has rights, opportunities, safety and freedom and with the reality of Trump as president that is in serious threat. Its a real fear people are feeling and we need to do what we can to help.

Lets fight back, let our freak flags fly and in the words of Alyssa Edwards ‘Don’t get bitter, just get better’